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“ Welcome Ashley, David, and William to the Group!! ... ”

Ziyi Pan
Congratulations to Ziyi for defending her thesis!
Ziyi successfully defended her thesis on 05/08/2023!

“ I did it! I believe that we can all do it and push towards the end! ... ”

Omar Elsafty_NewPic
Congratulations to Omar for defending his thesis!
Omar successfully defended his thesis: "The Biomechanics of Fragment Impact Injuries on Human Skin" on 05/03/2023!

“ Feeling amazin ... ”

Welcome Ryan to the group!
Ryan Wainer - Ph.D. Chemistry student. Joined 01/09/2023

“ Never thought I would be a materials chemist! ... ”

Welcome Francisco to the group!
Francisco Barrera - Ph.D. Materials Science student. Joined 01/09/2023

“ TBD ... ”

Abby Carbone
Congratulations to Abby for passing her qualifying exam!

“ Excited to have passed a big milestone in my PhD- looking forward to making progress on my research!! ... ”

Congratulations to Alan for passing his qualifying exams!

“ Onto the next chapter! ... ”