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Magda Zydzik

Magda Zydzik

M.S. Stanford University, Materials Science & Engineering, in progress
B.E. McGill University, Materials Engineering CO-OP, 2015


Durand Building, Rm. 112

Research Interests

My research focuses on perovskite solar cells, which are a disruptive technology due to their high efficiencies and significantly lower costs than conventional photovoltaics such as crystalline silicon and cadmium telluride. However, perovskites solar cells suffer from thermomechanical instability that prevents them from being commercialized. I am studying ways to improve the long-term reliability of perovskite solar cells while maintaining their high power conversion efficiencies.


  • M. Zydzik, Smids, M., Van Ende, M.-A., & Jung, I.-H., “Critical thermo-dynamic evaluation and optimization of the Pb-Pr, Pb-Nd, Pb-Tb & Pb-Dy systems,” Calphad, 46(0), 1-17, 2014.

Conference Proceedings and Presentations

  • M. Zydzik, “Quality control experiment for improved flow control of tundishes at Nucor Crawfordsville,” Nucor Corporation Clean Steel-making Conference, Decatur, AL, 2012.