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About the Dauskardt Group

The Dauskardt Group is particularly interested in the relationship between the chemistry and nanostructure of materials in bulk form or thin films and their thermomechanical behavior, adhesive and cohesive fracture properties, and behavior under complex loading and environmental conditions.

Research in our group involves three areas: Our thrust on Nanostructured Materials and Devices focuses on nanomaterials design and integration for thin-film structures in nanoscience and energy technologies. Our Advanced Structural Materials thrust focuses on high-performance laminates for civil structures and aerospace. Finally, our thrust on Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine explores biomaterials and the biological response of living tissues during regeneration and wound healing. 

Materials of interest include thin-film and layered structures containing materials engineered at the nanometer lengh scale for nanoscience and energy technologies; high-performance metal laminates involving hierarchical interphase regions which effectively couple reinforced polymer layers to thin metal foils; bulk metallic glasses; biomaterials; and regeneration processes in cutaneous wound. Dauskardt and his group have worked extensively on integrating new nanomaterials into emerging technologies and pioneered quantitative methods for characterizing adhesion and cohesion in thin-film structures which are now used extensively in thin-film device technologies. Experimental studies are complimented with a range of multiscale computational activities involving finite element and molecular dynamics simulations. Our research includes interaction with a wide range of researchers nationally and internationally in academia, industry, and clinical practice.

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